Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Am Interviewed in Bulgarian

Okay, my Bulgarian is not that good. But on my recent trip to Sofia, I was interviewed in English and the interview was just translated into Bulgarian.

Also, a while back I was interviewed by email for another site, and that published online just this week.

In front of the Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia, May 2015. Photo credit: Jodie Shuman

So, my thanks are to Aleksandrina Georgieva – International Desk reporter at Sega Newspaper - for informing Angel Petrov - Editor in Chief of Novinite that I was coming to Bulgaria.

Angel - it was wonderful meeting you and the words that appeared online were exactly the words I spoke when we had coffee. Well, after all you did have a recording device. I hope your trip to Egypt went well!

My thanks to Vessy Dimitrova, who last August posted an article of mine, in Bulgarian on the (women's website), Vessy interviewed me by email and then conveniently went on maternity leave. She also got married and her name is now Vessy Bozhidarova. Vessy, my thanks to you and a double MAZAL TOV!.

And finally, I met Zlatina Georgieva, Editor in Chief at It was Zlatina who posted my interview with Vessy on

I am honored to have met so many friendly, personal, and helpful members of the Bulgarian media - all in just the past few weeks!

Here are the interviews (in Bulgarian):

Urban Tales
Елис Шуман: Когато съм в България, аз съм си вкъщи

Елис Шуман: Фокусирайте се върху хубавото

English version:
Ellis Shuman: I'm in Bulgaria, I'm Home!

Even if you don't know Bulgarian you can probably recognize my name in Cyrillic:
Елис Шуман

 this to your Bulgarian friends!!!

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